Nations Call to Action

2030 Goal: UNITED NATIONS’ CALL TO ACTION for Students, Teachers, Parents, and Educators

Can your country accomplish all five of its education goals for 2030?

Historically, one of the best ways to unite nations has been through sports. Imagine working together for a cause that’s bigger than the Olympics and more impactful than the World Cup.


The United Nations has challenged 195 nations to address the needs of its people, children, and families in the Sustainable Development Goals Global Movement.

The Goals include 17 key elements to improve health, education, the environments, gender equity, and pay wages, by the year 2030.

Your nation and the other 194 nations around the world have agreed to the challenge. However, your nation needs your help.

You can represent your nation, and help it achieve its educational goals in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Challenge.

Join the Nations Call to Action and work with other students, parents, teachers, educators, community leaders, schools, colleges, and NGOs volunteers who have stepped up to represent your nation.

There is no greater honor than proudly representing your nation.

As a representative of your nation, you will:

  • Build your National Action Committee Team
  • Develop an international communication network
  • Help find the missing data to complete your country’s Global Open Database that will report the progress of your nation in education, economics, and social change

Without your help and the support for your country, life will not get better for those who need the most help – our children. This call to action puts you in a position to make your government work for you. Can you help your country capture all five of its education goals for 2030?



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