NJ SEED College Outreach Program

NJ SEED University portal and Design Thinking-inspired academic programming is based on addressing the unmet needs and aspirations of minority students, providing them more share of voice and control of the full selection through the enrollment process lifecycle.

Our online college guidance system is truly cutting-edge helping minority families to remove barriers, obstacles, and making informed decisions. it offers rapid data search and prioritization features that facilitate efficient, quality-driven decision-making for students & families. As a result, we will minimize the costs and time required to evaluate potential school choices, reduce university marketing costs – and more importantly, deliver an academic journey that culminates in job-building skills and internship experiences that are second to none.

The Partnership Opportunity:

NJ SEED is committed to advocate for minority communities in the state of NJ and beyond, we will connect underserved students through our NJ SEED university portal. Our revolutionary programming will remove all existing barriers, create highly competitive advantages for both students and schools, replace conventional and traditional student enrollment strategies practiced for decades. Recognizing the significant expenditures families dedicate to educational needs, our outreach project is intended to systemically expand our mission and nurture supportive relationships with underserved families that constitute a core group of minority high school students not currently captured in the academic arena.

  • We will professionally aid in promoting students to our university partners
  • We will assist students applying with financial aid support, career decisions, academic needs, school selection, internships, and employment, etc.
  • We will help deliver work experiences after graduation and build skills that will result in invaluable jobs and internships later on

The Employment Opportunity:

Determining educational needs is complicated, time consuming, and often results in mismatched students and school choices. Many bright, ambitious minority students are limited to access guidance and counseling. After graduation, due to a variety of barriers, knowledge gaps, and lack of reliable professional services offered post-graduation. Many minority students demand work experiences in the USA after graduation as a minimum requirement for their investment; yet US colleges have largely challenged to provide this critical need.

Our programming is designed to put students in positions to transform themselves to become highly productive members of society.

The Project Highlights:

Our platform will bring all the process players into the university portal to exchange student information integrated with school districts. We will change the game for universities by building a level playing field in their recruitment efforts, where they can contact and enroll students directly with online guidance counselors – saving a significant amount of marketing expenses while greatly enhancing yield and enrollment management results.

Outreach Strategy:

SEED will bring all major players to the platform by connecting them with Design Thinking principles. Our NJ SEED university portal lets minority students compare, connect, and seek participating colleges and universities.

How We Work:

  • NJ SEED Student Admissions Profile is our Design Thinking product that focuses on advancing the best interests of the students – allowing US institutions to conduct direct recruitment with predesigned programming
  • We connect three different parties, present much needed products, and bring transparency and competitive advantages to each
  • We help our participating university partners leverage their resources for ideal enrollment results, with programming based on minority recruitment