Global Education Report 2018

The Global Education Report is NJ MED’s Second Quarter World Top 20 Ranking Poll. The Poll’s mission is to identify areas of needs to improve the quality of education for students 3 to 21, each year. Read More

This year students, parents, teachers, educators, and tax-payers, from 218 countries, participated in the two-month international survey on – How They would Improve Education In their Country?

Below are the results:

The survey’s Overall Results show:

Better Teachers – 18%
More Government Funding For Education – 17%
More After-School Programs – 15%
No Standardized Testing – 11%
More Technology – 11%
Better School Leadership – 9%
More Challenging Class Work – 7%
Smaller Classrooms – 4%
More Community Involvement in Schools – 3%
More Cultural Activities for the Classroom – 2%
More Parent Involvement in Schools – 2%
Safer Schools – 1%

These results are now compared with information gathered from an international research study of the countries ranked in the First Quarter World Top 20 Poll; and than matched with this years, the three top survey participating groups (Students, Teachers, and Taxpayers) results. Here are those results:

International Education Research Results:

Better School Leadership – 44%
More Government Funding for Education – 30%
Better Teachers – 13%
No Standardized Testing – 6%
More Challenging Class Work – 3%
Safer Schools – 2%
More Technology – 1%
More After-School Program – 1% 

The Top 5 Students Results

1. Better Teachers
2. More After-School Programs
3. No Standardized Testing
4. More Technology
5. More Challenging Class Work

The Top 5 Tax-Payers Results

1. More Government Funding for Education
2. Better Teachers
3. No Standardized Testing
4. More Technology
5. Better School Leadership 

The Top 5 Teachers Results

1. More Government Funding for Education
2. No Standardized Testing
3. More Technology
4. Better School Leadership
5. Better Teachers 

How You Would Improve Your Country’s Education System? Survey

You can also get more information here: 

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