National Action Committee Team

National Action Committee Team

Mission: To strengthen the nation’s education system by 2030. In addition, monitor the nation’s economic and social developmental growth by helping raise awareness and funds to build a communication network to gather accurate information to report to its citizens:

1)  Government transparency in education, economics, and social development

2)  Reducing the national illiteracy rate in reading, writing, and mathematics

3)  Monitoring the nation’s growth within the United Nations International Sustainable Development Goal’s 17 Initiatives

Does Your Country Need a National Action Committee Team?

Ninety-percent of people in their country don’t know about their nation’s education problems. The other 10 percent do, and they have accepted the challenge to help improve the quality of education for their children’s future.

National Team Responsibilities

The National Action Committee Team’s responsibilities include:

  • Gathering accurate and up-to-date information on the nation’s education system, as well as, the nation’s current economic and social conditions
  • Report the information to the public throughout social media platforms to encourage public support and improve the nation’s education system

Membership Requirement for National Team

For people interested in representing your country, you must do the following:

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