Albert N. Mitchell II, Founder & Executive Director

Albert N. Mitchell II is the Founder and Executive Director of the New Jersey Minority Educational Development (NJ MED). He is also one of the country’s most successful inner-city youth program architects. His accomplishments include designing programs for Universities, State Health Departments, School Districts, Police Departments, Recreation Departments, and Housing Authorities.

He attended Rutgers University, New Jersey and has appeared frequently on television and radio shows. Mr. Mitchell is also known nationally for his skills as a market research analyst. His former clients include: the United States Mini-soccer Federation (USMF), the Soccer Association for Youth (SAY), R&R Associates (publishers), and the United States Soccer Federation (USSF).

In twenty years, Mr. Mitchell has developed NJ MED as a worldwide brand and developed partnerships with over 200 local, national and international organizations. He shares a strong faith-base and community-focused philosophy of understanding the non-profit sector. And plans to, lead NJ MED programs and services to over 160 countries, by the year 2025.

Shomari Moore, Program Director

Shomari Moore, MD, former collegian football star at Kentucky University, and NCAA National Basketball Champions in 2012, with the Kentucky Men’s Basketball team, as an assistant strengthen and conditioning coach. Mr. Moore also captured his master degree in Kinesiology & Health Promotion in 2012.

Mr. Moore serves NJ MED as the US Program Director for Health and Community Outreach. Mr. Moore is in charge of developing relationships with institutions of Higher Education and Medical Care. He currently works with over 70 national brands in providing health care supplies.

Mr. Moore is also a graduate of NJ MED’s 100% Graduation Rate Program – the Class of 2004

 Preston S. Brown, Program Director

Preston S. Brown, a graduate of NJ MED’s 100% Graduation Rate Program – the Class of 2003. Mr. Brown graduated from the University of Tulane in 2007 and has a Master’s in Education with honors from American Intercontinental University. He also served two-years as captain of the football team at Tulane and currently works in the financial industry as a consultant.

Mr. Brown has risen through poverty, homelessness, jail, and near death in one of the country’s most violent inner-cities to success, and serviced as an inspirational leader during one of our nation’s greatest disasters – Hurricane Katrina. His relentless determination to help bring change to our nation and around the world makes him of the leading visionary professionals in America.

Mr. Brown’s current role with NJ MED, is serving as the Volunteer Program Director for Fund Raising. His role requires him to meet with corporations, churches and foundations to generate revenue for NJ MED’s local program services in education.


NJ MED’s Board of Directors


Rodney S. Sadler, Save Our Waterfront, President – President

Donald B. Henley Jr., CCS-TV, Executive Producer-  Vice-President

Delia L. Brown, Former Camden School District Curriculum Director – Secretary

Joshua L. Lyons, American Red Cross Union Rep – Treasure

Fred E. Mitchell Jr., CEO, Summit Consulting

Melik Brown, Executive Director, Camden City Transitional Academy School

Patrick Faulk, Unit Director, Boys & Girls Club

Annie Sadler, Coordinator, Respond Community Elder Program

Wendy Edwards, Associate Producer, Independent TV

Jerry L. Banks, Book Publisher, Amazon

Gary L. Copling, Former School Law Enforcement Officer, Camden City School District

Stanley Ash, Educational Consultant, Secondary Educational Services