Sports and Education Grant

$50,000 Sports and Education Grant Available Apply Now

FIFA and the UNESCO have created a $500,000 Sports and Education Grant Program to help 200 nations improve education for children. The grant mission is to contribute to the education, development and empowerment of around 700 million children.

The program has been designed to promote targeted life skills and competencies through football and contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other priorities.

The Program seeks to achieve the following four key outcomes:

  1. a) Empower learners (boys and girls) with valuable life skills and competencies
  2. b) Empower and provide coach-educators with the training to deliver sport and life-skills activities
  3. c) Build the capacity of stakeholders (schools, MAs and public authorities) to deliver training in life skills through football
  4. d) Strengthen the cooperation between governments, MAs and participating schools to enable partnerships, alliances and regional collaboration

Schools, teachers, parents, and youth football/soccer clubs are eligible for the grant.


Apply through the Education Network of the World Top 20 Project for the $50,000 US grant program.

Click the link. It will direct you to the sign-up page for the World Top 20 Project where you can learn more about how to apply for your country.