Voices Around the World

No one knows the truth, but for those who live it. This section is dedicated to you the reader, and the international bloggers who will be reporting what is happening around the world.

From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, you are there, facing the challenges and help come up with solutions.

Every child, town or village has a right to be free, and we will work with those who want to make that happen.

To become a blogger for the World Top 20 Project, you must live in the country you are reporting from, and agree to the terms; that all of your writings are yours and the information in the report is true, with 3 reference sources confirming your information.

If you become a member of the World Top 20 Project blog network, you will be allowed to post one blog a month in the Voice Around the World section, and allowed to use your post to raise funds for your organization or cause, as long as, it is not a political activity.

We will also help promote your blog through advertisement in Google and social media avenues.

If you’re interested in joining the International World Top 20 Project Blogging Network, please send us a writing sample at worldtop20education@gmail.com , with your name and email address; and we’ll let you know if you’ve been accepted.