Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands


School Life Expectancy: OD
Government Investment In Education: NA
School Safe Level: 8 out of 15

Education Outcomes
School Completion Rates % Female Male 2030 Goal
Early Childhood Enrollment Rate OD NA NA 55%
Primary School Completion Rate 76.9% 80% 74% 90%
Secondary School Completion Rate NA NA NA 70%
High School Graduation Rate NA NA NA 60%
College Graduation Rate NA NA NA 5%
Academic Levels Total Reading Math Science
Primary Levels NA NA NA NA
Secondary Levels NA NA NA NA
School Indicators % Pre-Primary Primary Secondary
Free Schools 66% NA Yes Yes
Students to Teacher Ratio NA NA NA NA
Out of School Children NA OD OD NA

DATA: Sources
NA: Data Not Available
OD: Data 5 Years Old or More Not Reliable
2030 Goal: Projections based on Economics, Social Science, and Youth Population  


National Debt: OD
Gross Domestic Product: 196 Million
Country Top Trade Partner: Export – South Korea Import – South Korea

Economic Status
Labor Statistics Total Female Male Youth (15 to 24 year old)
Work Force Participation NA NA NA NA
Average Income 3,455 NA NA NA
Unemployment Rate OD NA NA NA
Job Skill Levels College High School Secondary Primary
Women 10% 30% 40% 20%
Men 10% 30% 40% 20%


Access to Electricity: 93%
Access to Clean Water: 78%
Access to Internet:  30%
Government Stability Score: 18 out of 30

Social Index
Social Conditions Total Female Male Rank
Population (Average Age 23) 74,539 50% 50% 201st
Child Population (1 to 14 year old) 34.89% 49% 51% 196th
Child Mortality Rate 19.3% 16.7% 21.8% 83%
Poverty Level NA NA NA NA
Crime Rate NA 0% NA NA
Adult Illiteracy Levels OD OD OD NA