2016 World’s Best 20 Education Systems

The World Top 20 Project’s 4th Annual Ranking of the World’s Best Education System for student’s 3 to 25.
The ranking system is used to help monitor the progress of 209 countries in education each year.
This year’s winner for the third year in a row is South Korea.

The complete ranking of 2016 countries:
1. South Korea
2. Japan
3. Russia
4. Singapore
5. Finland
6. UK
7. USA
8. Denmark
9. China
10. Netherlands
11. Israel
12. Canada
13. Germany
14. Hong Kong
15. Ireland
16. Norway
17. Slovenia
18. Sweden
19. France
20. Hungary

Is South Korea Really the Best?

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What is the World Top 20 Project?

The World Top 20 Project’s mission is to ensure every child on the planet has an opportunity to reach their full potential, with access to quality education in a safe and nurturing environment.
By monitoring and ranking over 200 nation’s education systems for student development for ages of 3 to 25.
To accomplish it’s mission, the World Top 20 Project  gathers data and develop support services in four major global areas:
Girls Out of School
Teachers and Schools for Rural Areas
Refugee Children
Education for Disable Children


The Project’s Daily Challenges:


How You Can Help Support the World Top 20 Project Mission:

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