The World’s Best 20 Education Systems Rankings Third Quarter Report


As a new school year starts across the globe, the World Top 20 Education Poll releases its Third Quarter Report. There has been no change from the 1st and 2nd quarters, with three countries from Asia holding the first, second and fourth spots in the top five places, but there’s no discounting what 12 European Countries Education Systems have done by being ranked in the top 20 poll.

This quarter’s report highlight where the top 20 countries education systems strengthen lies and where there needs to be improvement to maintain, move-up, or drop out of the top 20.

1 Japan : The Japan Education System has been ranked the poll’s number one for all three quarters. And matchup very well in all 5 educational development levels. With plans to invest more into education, Japan is setting themselves up to be number one for a very longtime.

2South Korea : The South Korea Education System outperforms Japan’s system at 3 of 5 levels. However, are unable to overtake them in the poll, because of their lack of investment in early-childhood development.

3. United Kingdom : It may be time to give the UK credit for their educational system‘s success. Many readers could not believe the UK merit this high of a ranking. But, they were the only European country to rank in the top 10 in every educational level the poll measures.

4. Singapore : Education system continues to impress with very little to work with, they rank in the world’s top 2 in both primary education students scores, and could overtake the UK in the next top 20 poll.

5Russia : It is impressive just how good Russia’s education system is in being rated has the world’s most educated country. Yet, they fail to reach this poll’s top 3. Like most of these countries in the top 20, their lack of investment in early-childhood has lowered their position.

6Finland : Recognize as the world’s best education systems by other polls and educational experts, fail to mention Finland does not rank first at any international level in education. In fact, Finland ranks 32nd in early-childhood enrollment, even though their system works very well for them, this indicates why they fall out of this poll’s top 5.

7Canada : Always a contender for a place in the top 5, Canada has one of the world’s highest college graduation rates. The country still has not invested enough time or resources to develop children before they enroll into primary education. When they do, they could find themselves a top 3 ranking.

8Netherlands: What a statement for the Netherlands to be ranked second in the world in early-childhood enrollment and company to be ranked in the top 10 in primary education test result scores. If the Netherlands have any hope of moving up in the rankings they must improve their high school graduation rates.

9 Ireland : Secondary Educational System is top shelf. If they can convince their government to investing in more early-childhood development they could make a run for a top 5 spot.

10Israel : Finland has been using Israel’s education system to model their global success. The reason Israel is not ranked higher is because of their early childhood enrollment program problem, which they are now addressing.

11China : Has the largest education system in the world, and their students test scores are among the best,  the area China fails to gain points in the top 20 poll, is due to their poor early-childhood program and high school completion rate.

12New Zealand : Has a legitimate top 10 education system, why they fall back in the pack, is because of their average primary test results.

13. Norway : Not as successful as their neighboring country Finland, Norway’s education system is very good, there only weakness is at the primary education student test scores.

14Belgium : At a time went the country is only ten points away from ranking in the top 10 best education systems, the country is starting to decrease educational funding.

15.Germany : History has shown Germany has a very strong education system, however, over the last couple of decades, they’ve fallen behind other countries in addressing social change  within the country.

16Denmark : A quiet country no one talks about how they performance well at all educational levels, especially at the early-childhood level

17Estonia : No one in the World saw this coming with the country of Estonia ranking higher in the poll then the U.S. But Estonia‘s early-childhood and primary educational levels are better.

18United States of America : So many educational level problems to overcome especially in maintaining the world’s largest economy. However, the most glaring area of needs is at the high school and early-childhood levels.

19. France : Early-Childhood commitment to prepare children for entrance into primary school is impressive. The problem starts with primary levels due to the country’s growing multicultural population.

20Portugal : The countries high school graduation rate reported by OECD’s 2012 (100%) is being challenged by EU, which conclude Portugal’s weak economy state is due to low high school graduation rates. We hope the Portugal Ministry of Education Department becomes more transparent and release the true numbers.


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